Thumama bridgeThe National Commission for the Fight against Corruption Nazaha, which means integrity, announced that the maintenance of the recently collapsed camels’ bridge was undertaken by a national company.

The bridge on Riyadh-Dammam highway was built year 33 years ago and was maintained by the national company. As per the terms of the SR39-million maintenance contract, the company was responsible for the repair and maintenance of the bridge for a period of three years.

The Commission attributed the collapse of the camels’ bridge to cracks in the asphalt layer and water seeping into the concrete layer at the top of the bridge. The commission said that the maintenance contractor failed to report these issues.

The anti-corruption body has pressed for imposing a punishment on the maintenance contractor for his negligence. The commission also called for the reimbursement of the money that was not used for the allocated work, reported Akhbaar24 news.

Nazaha added that the same company was in charge of the upkeep of the bridge in Al-Thumama, east of Riyadh, that also collapsed last year. The bridge situated east of King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh partially collapsed in November 2013 following heavy rains during the time.