kim kardashian1A Saudi wife’s plan to get the attention of her husband by transforming herself into his favorite celebrity went awry when the husband decided to divorce her.

The couple living in the Saudi town of Baha got divorced after the wife got a makeover to look like Kim Kardashian, a reality TV star, reported Emirates24/7.

The woman said that she had noticed her husband admiring Kim Kardashian, and that she decided to look like her. She then changed her hairstyle and also went to a cosmetic surgery clinic in Saudi Arabia in her attempt to resemble the Kardashian. She even imitated the way the celebrity walked in her bid to attract her husband to her.

The wife thought that her husband would be pleased with her when she resembled the celebrity whom he admired a lot. Instead of the praises that she looked forward to, the husband started arguing with her upon seeing her. He said that he did not like what his wife had done and decided to divorce his wife.