judge's gavelA Saudi Airlines flight attendant was sentenced to four years in prison on the account of raping a passenger on board a Saudi Arabian flight en route to the kingdom.

The victim, an Australian woman of Lebanese origin, told the court that a male member of the cabin crew raped her when she went to the washroom. The flight attendant who is in his 40’s was earlier sentenced to 10 years’ prison-term. The sentence was later reduced to eight years. Earlier this week, the sentence was brought down further to four years by a different court in the kingdom.

According to Sabq news, the defence lawyer Suleiman Al Khareef said that none of the passengers on board the flight in which the rape took place were aware of the incident. He further added that no evidence was presented to prove that his client had raped the passenger. It must be noted that the incident took place 2 years ago.