ivf-babyDr Bandar Al-Abdelkarim, a consultant physician in Saudi Arabia has successfully implemented a new technique in In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) that guarantees better success rate for the fertility treatment.

In the report published by Sabq news, the success rate for IVF at the best centers in the world is about 35-50%. However, the chances of getting pregnant decrease gradually after repeated failure of the fertility procedure.

According to Dr Abdelkarim, doctors could not explain why IVF procedures failed for no apparent reason, especially at the first and second stage of embryo formation.

Recent medical studies around the globe have revealed a simple procedure that can be performed at the physician’s clinic; this procedure is called Lining Stimulation. After performing this procedure, the chances of successful IVF procedure have doubled. Dr Abdelkarim is the first Saudi physician to carry out the new procedure. He is a specialist in infertility, IVF, and laparoscopic surgery in women.