large tumor removed from boys jawDoctors in the Saudi Arabian capital successfully removed a large tumor from a 3-year-old boy’s jaw.

The Saudi toddler had a massive growth on his lower jaw that made it impossible for him to breathe, eat, and speak, besides experiencing excruciating pain. Doctors at the King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh removed over two-thirds of the child’s jaw and performed jaw reconstruction using tissues extracted from the boy’s leg.

Doctors decided to perform an emergency surgery in order to save the boy’s life as the fast-growing tumor had blocked the respiratory system. The hospital management said that the operation lasted many hours and a large portion of the lower jaw had to be removed, including teeth, a part of the mouth, cheek, and neck. He added that tissue from the boy’s left leg was used to reconstruct his jaw, Sabq news reported on Sunday.

According to Dr Ghazi Al Thubaiti, plastic surgery consultant at King Fahd Medical City, “This was one of the rarest operations not only in the region but in the world because such tumor cases are very rare at this age. It was a successful surgery, after which the boy left hospital able to eat, speak and breathe properly.”