crying studentA committee of educational officials inquired on Wednesday about the sobbing student in Jazan after a video clip of the child crying went viral.

The committee comprised of the Director Education Department and the Deputy Director for Educational Affairs, the Department of Student Counseling, and the Legal Department at Al-Haijah School in Sabia district of Jizan province.

The enquiry took place in the school premises, and the Director of Education, Ahmed Rabee said that the department would take necessary legal actions against the teacher for his callous behavior, reported local Arabic dailies.

In the video, the first grader is seen pleading with his teacher. The teacher dictates the elementary student to write, while the child cries in fear and answers, “I don’t know how to write; I will learn at home and will write it in class tomorrow.”

Instead of mentoring the weak student, the teacher humiliates him by publishing the video on social media.

A number of followers and parents commented on this video demanding that the Director of Education in Jazan take action against this teacher, while also helping the child.

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