baby camelFour construction workers were arrested following accusations of slaughtering and eating a baby camel taken from a Saudi farm, reported Emirates 24/7.

Their wish to taste camel meat led four Filipino workers to steal a baby camel. They allegedly slaughtered the animal and cooked it and ate it at their accommodation. The owner of the camel, a Saudi, discovered the crime weeks later when he chanced upon the severed remains of the baby camel. The man immediately identified the remains as that of the missing animal from his farm.

The farmer reported the case to the police. He informed them that his camel had been grazing near the workers’ house and that it went missing after that. He also showed the police the place where he found the severed head and other remains of the baby camel.

The workers were sent them to a court in Najran, but were released on bail last week after they denied the accusations. The trial for the case is still pending.