Clash with drug dealers kills one security in Al-Iflaj2The father of the perpetrator involved in the shootout at Al Aflaj region in Saudi Arabia talked to media about the incident.

The police encounter with drug dealers in Al Afkaj on 27 January led to the death of one security man, while 6 others were injured.

The father of the perpetrators, Obeid, is a retired Civil Defense employee. He recounted that on Monday night the family was at home. His youngest son Saeed, 32, had gone out to a nearby grocery store. After Saeed left the house, Obeid heard a loud noise from the street and when he asked around, he was surprised to hear that his eldest son Abdullah, 40, had shot at security men.

Obeid recounts that his attempts to stop his son from shooting were futile. Obeid adds that Abdullah was suffering of psychological issues for a while and that he was repeatedly saying, “That’s it, I’m sick of life” while shooting at the security men. Since Obeid was concerned about his own safety, he returned home.

The father said that after the shooting was over, he learned that the police had arrested his three sons. He also heard about the death of the security man and the injuries to six other security men. Obeid has appealed to the Interior Minister to release his second son, Mohammad, 36, as he was not involved in the shooting, reported Akhbaar24 news.