Saudi female pilot drops racism case

Al-Hawsawi with her husband and her child

Nawal Al Hawsawi made headlines earlier this week for suing local women for calling her a slave. Al Arabiya news reported that the Saudi female pilot has now dropped the case.

During the Saudi National Day celebrations held in September, Nawal Al Hawsawi was subjected to verbal attack by three Saudi women in a mall in Makkah. At least one of the women called her ‘abda’ meaning slave, a defamatory term referring to Al Hawsawi’s dark skin.

Al Hawsawi said that she was happy with the legal proceedings and that she was able get a resolution for her grievance. She informed that the three ladies apologized to her and that in the course of the last few months, they had become friends.

The pilot said she did not have intentions to have the women punished for the racial slur. She just wanted them to realize their mistake and that being racially attacked was hurtful. She added that one of the women came to her saying that God had punished her. The woman’s husband divorced her, and she had been through difficulties since the incident. Al Hawsawi said that it was a turning point for her as she felt bad for the woman. “Everyone makes mistakes,” she said.

Al-Hawsawi had begun a campaign against racism on Twitter. She hopes that the campaign with raise awareness against racism in Saudi Arabia. The women who called her ‘slave’ are also active in Al-Hawsawi’s campaign.