passenger throws fit

 Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV1108  from Jeddah to Dammam was delayed for two hours after a passenger insisted that all women on board have their mahrams or  male guardians with them, according  to reports by local daily Okaz.

According to the  rules in Saudi, women need the permission of their male guardian- a father or husband, to travel.  For domestic travel, however, the permission is no longer required.

The unidentified  passenger, apparently asked one of the flight attendants why she was on the plane without her male guardian or mahram. The passenger then refused to let the plane take off until all unaccompanied women get off the flight. As other passengers began arguing with him, the pilot called airport security who forced the passenger and his son off the the aircraft and took him for investigation.

The flight finally took off after two hours.

Source: RiyadhBureau