car crashIn an unfortunate incident, a newly wed Egyptian woman on her way to join her husband in Saudi Arabia went from being a bride to a widow when her husband was killed in a car crash.

Ali Mohammad Ali Atta, the newly married man was on his way to the airport in Qassim province on Sunday to receive his bride when he was involved in a fatal collision. According to Al-Watan news, the collision that killed the newlywed man also critically injured a relative of his who was in the car. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash, a Saudi national, was also killed.

The accident took place just about an hour before the woman was slated to land in Saudi Arabia. The Egyptian embassy and in turn airport authorities were informed about the man’s death.

The woman, who was dressed in bridal attire as is the custom for Egyptian brides who wait until their entry into the kingdom to join their husbands, was shocked and disappointed when her husband was not there at the airport to receive her.

The airport authorities decided against informing the man’s wife about his death as they thought that it was best that she learned about the tragic news in the midst of her family. So, a Saudi officer approached the bride at the airport and told her that there was some issue with her visa and that she had to fly back to Egypt. The officer told her that her family back in Egypt was also informed about her visa problem. The woman was then sent back to Cairo where her family was expecting for her at the airport.