bottle capsAfter the success of their previous campaign  “The safe way to get rid of medicine”, seven young Saudi  women from a  volunteering team called “Giving Hand” ran a number of environmental events at some malls in Saudi Arabia.

Their latest event  which took place last Thursday was sponsored by a few Saudi companies in coordination with the ‘Environment Friends’ team and ‘The Plant’ company.

The girls aim to spread environmental awareness in the Saudi community through recycling. They collect caps of empty water bottles and sell them to recycling factories and then use the amount to buy health insurance for those in need. One ton of bottles’ caps is only enough to buy health insurance for one person. They are thus requesting insurance companies to accept needy patients in their medical programs.

The captain of the team, Eman Al-Arifi, emphasized that the goal of her team is to get rid of the negative impact those caps have on the environment and in turn to use them to the benefit of the people. Her team is targeting commercial malls and centers in Jeddah and have till date conducted events in 6 schools and some colleges such as King Abdul Aziz College, Effat and Dar Al-Hekma Universities.

During these events, the team educates people on  the environmental risks of plastic bottles  and   recycling benefits. They also distribute leaflets with scientific information regarding recycling and  exhibit artwork made of caps from water and soda bottles. They als0 arrange many competitions. The team has generated a lot of interest and have been able to get the support of many people for their efforts towards a noble cause.

Source: alarabiya