ministry_of_education_logo_0In line with it’s ongoing  labour-sector reforms, the Saudi Government has issued orders allowing the wives and daughters of expatriates to work in  private and international schools in the kingdom, local newspapers reported on Thursday.

Female teachers who accompany their husbands to Saudi Arabia and are often forced to stay home because they do not get proper work permits, are  expected to benefit from this.

The  Saudi government has permitted hiring of qualified teachers who are dependants of expatriates, provided they pass an eligibility test and satisfy other conditions. The schools are also required to follow the ‘Nitaqat’ Saudization norms and dependants may be hired only if there is no Saudi national registered with the Ministry of Education for that post.

Hundreds of schools in Saudi are already employing  a substantial number of ‘illegal’ teachers who are paid lower salaries and deprived of benefits.

When rumours spread several weeks earlier that private schools were being raided, many  schools had to be shut down for days together as the illegal teachers refused to show up for fear of being arrested.

The authorities realised that if the rule that dependants could not work legally at schools was  enforced, the education sector would be in partial paralysis.