Go To JailWeddings are usually times to rejoice. However, in one wedding that took place in the Holy City of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, celebrations took an unexpected turn when the groom and the bride’s relatives got into a brawl over a photograph.

According to Gulf News, towards the end of the wedding party, the groom wished for a wedding picture alongside his new bride. The elder sister of the bride, however, objected to the presence of a man. While the groom was adamant about taking the picture, the bride’s sister insisted that the groom leave the hall.

An intense argument followed the disagreement, and the situation took a turn for the worse when the groom reportedly attacked his new sister-in-law. The bride’s relatives soon joined the brawl. Even though the upset bride tried to settle the matter, the fight ensued till the groom fled the scene.

Many women complained to the police that the groom assaulted them. Following the complaints, the police arrested the groom a few hours later and send him to jail.