historic jeddahThe General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities announced earlier this week that there is a high chance for the historical area of Jeddah to be included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list, reported Al-Arabiya News.

Unremitting efforts are being made have to get Historic Jeddah included in the distinguished list. As part of continuing efforts, the province recently launched the Jeddah Heritage Festival to celebrate and raise awareness of the rich heritage of the historical city.

This year’s festival, which started on 16 January and ended on 25 January, marked the first edition of the festival. The 10-day long festival highlighted the region’s Hijazi culture. More than 750,000 visitors attended various traditional and cultural shows besides folk dances and music performances.

Two sites of historical importance in Saudi Arabia that are already recognized by UNESCO are Madein Saleh and Al Dir’iya. The heritage area of Jeddah will hopefully be the kingdom’s third site to get UNESCO’s recognition. The Jeddah Heritage Festival plays an increasingly significant role in securing a spot in the list as Saudi Arabia has intensified its efforts to get the historical Jeddah district included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.