girlGadeer, a 9-year-old girl was brought to King Faisal Hospital in Taif for a lower back wound that was bleeding during the Eid holidays. Gadeer’s family thought that the fireworks in the neighborhood hit their daughter while she was playing on the terrace of her house. Doctors treated the wound, prescribed medicines, and discharged the girl.

Two weeks later, the girl was taken back to the hospital after she experienced excruciating pain all over her body. This time, an X-ray was taken and doctors discovered that the girl had a bullet in her abdomen and that they had mistaken the gunshot wound for one caused by fireworks, reported Al Arabiya news.

The girl’s brother, Ali Al-Wadei said they did not know how his sister was shot at. He added that the doctors did not examine the wound carefully the first time his sister was brought to the hospital. The family was shocked when the doctors informed them that they could not remove the bullet as it would endanger the child’s life. “My sister should keep taking the medicine and live with having the bullet in her body,” informed the brother

Ali Al-Wadei has demanded authorities to investigate the medical team that attended to Gadeer on her first visit to the hospital for putting his sister’s life at risk. The Director of Health Affairs in Taif, Dr Matouq Al-Usaimi has asked to form an urgent committee to investigate the incident.

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(Images courtesy Al Arabiya News)