saudi passport official

Saudi interior minister has ordered the investigation of a passport officer after he was filmed beating a foreign worker with a belt and pushing others out of a temporary waiting area.

Video footage on Youtube shows the official slapping a dark-skinned man, using his belt  on him and then pushing others shouting “Get out! ”.

Spokesperson for the passports directorate said that the Saudi officer will be investigated for breaking the rules and regulations of security-related work. He told Arabic daily Sabq that this type of behaviour cannot be tolerated under any excuse and proper measures will be taken.

The Kingdom  launched a campaign earlier this year to deport illegal workers in the country as part of an attempt to create more jobs for its citizens. The Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz has ordered for a grace period, which ends July 3, to correct their illegal status or face harsh consequences.

This situation has  put tremendous pressure on Saudi passport and police authorities  among emerging reports that expatriates have to queue up to 24 hours, often under the scorching midday sun, to be able to submit their papers.

The video of the Saudi passport official misbehaving with foreign workers may be viewed here: