Two Saudi teenagers succeeded in saving the life of a little boy who was trapped inside his house after it caught fire.

A two-minute film carried by Kabar newspaper showed the two climbed up to the second floor and started to smash the window in a bid to get the besieged boy out.

Towards the end of the film one of them managed to break open the window and plucked out the boy, who was dangled down to safety on a ladder with the help of other teenagers.

“It was a heroic operation by those Saudi young men, who saved the life of that boy,” the paper said.

It said two civil defence men were injured while trying to put out the fire at the house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second largest city after the capital Riyadh.

The fire, was started by a gas explosion. Eventually, the teens smashed open a window and dragged the young boy to safety. The child was then lowered to the ground with a ladder.

King Abdullah, the Saudi Arabian monarch, awarded the teenagers approximately $266,667 (SAR 1 million) for their actions, reports say.

Source: Emirates247