RCinfographicIn a meeting held yesterday by the Ministers Council under the chairmanship of Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, new regulations were framed to protect the rights of both employers and foreign domestic workers, reported Akhbaar24 news.

The Labor Minister, Engineer Adel Al-Faqih explained that the new regulations allows employers to observe a probation period of a maximum of 3 months. The probation serves as a period to assess the efficiency, professionalism, and behavior of the worker. After this period, the domestic worker cannot refuse or leave the work without a legitimate reason and is not allowed to involve in any activity that would trouble their employers.

Employers, on the other hand, are responsible for providing their workers with proper accommodation, a break during the day, and a day off every week. Moreover, employers must pay their domestic workers the agreed salary at the end of each month and give receipts for the payments received.

Any employer who does not follow the rules will have to pay a penalty of SR 2,000 and/or cannot employ workers for one year. The penalty doubles if the offense is repeated, and if the offense is repeated more than twice, the employer will be barred from recruiting any more workers. An offending worker has to pay a penalty of SR 1,000 besides getting deported from the Kingdom.