cpvpA young man was arrested in Jeddah for impersonating a Saudi Prince and assaulting a member of the Hai’a or Saudi religious police. The Ha’ia was making sure that all stores were closed during prayer time when they came upon a young man who mimicked their prayer calls. The Hai’a ignored him and continued their job, Sabq daily reported.

A while later, the Hai’a arrested one of the workers at the Sari Mobile Center in Sari Street for leaving the shop open at prayer time but the young man intervened and assaulted the Hai’a. The man pulled the resident ID from his pocket and tore the Hai’a official membership ID, all the while repeating that he was a Prince and above any law.

Security patrol tried to arrest the young man and transfer him to the police station but he firmly refused. The security then left the place leaving the man behind with the Hai’a. When informed of the incident, the Director of Security Patrol said that the patrol team should never have left the place and that no one is above the law, regardless of whether he is an ordinary citizen or a prince. For this reason, another team was sent to the place where the incident occurred.

When the second team arrived, the mother of the young man appeared at the scene and begged the Hai’a to forgive her son, clarifying that he was not a Prince but an ordinary Saudi citizen. Security patrol arrested the young man and transferred him to the police station where a report was filed.