Saudi man calls on MoH to try the serum that treats MERSA Saudi businessman revealed that his pharmaceutical company has a serum extracted from snake venom that can be used to treat MERS.

Turki bin Manea explained that the vaccine-like serum helps strengthen patients’ immunities in a very short time. He said that he was keen on collaborating with the Ministry of Health officials to discuss the effectiveness of the serum.

Turki explained that the serum called ‘BIOVEN’ was discovered by an American professor and has already treated 200 people with AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and extreme allergies by rebuilding the patients’ immune system.

The American professor spent 10 years testing the vaccine on thousands of animals before reaching a conclusion about its effect on increasing immunity in humans. Turki collaborated with the professor to distribute the vaccine globally. He said that they were offered nearly half a billion dollars by an internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical company for the formula of the vaccine. However, the deal was terminated after the professor refused to reveal the composition of the vaccine.

Five years ago, an experimental treatment was carried out at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia using this vaccine on an AIDS patient and it steadily and significantly reduced the risk rate in over six months. Turki points out that the hospital refused to share its findings with him after using the same vaccine on 6 other patients due to confidentiality issues.

Sabq news reported the reason for the Saudi businessman’s delay in revealing the vaccine. “We are still in the process of finding financiers and official registration in the Food and Drug Institute and other competent authorities to officially register it. However, with the recent spike in the number of MERS infections in the kingdom, I am willing to extend full cooperation with the Ministry of Health. I am willing to discuss the ability of this serum to treat patients,” said Turki.