saudi disowns 37 yr old daughter A Saudi government employee in the city of Makkah disowned his daughter after 37 years, saying that she was adopted several years back while he was working in the city of Ha’il.

37 year old Amal became emotionally devastated to find out that she was adopted and that her father was not her biological parent.

DNA tests revealed that there was no biological relationship between herself and her father.

Investigations done by Amal to trace her biological father led to the discovery  that her father was entrusted with some land and enough money by her biological father to help her when she was of legal age. However she was given none of it, local newspapers reported.

Amal claims that her father made a timely decision to reveal the truth to her after he was given a large sum in compensation for property he owned and wanted  to avoid any inheritance claims.

This revelation destroyed her family life when her husband divorced her, leaving her helpless with six girls. Ever since, Amal and her daughters have been shuttling between homes of relatives in Makkah and Jeddah who also eventually asked her to leave.

Amal says that her father  stopped her from going to school  at a young age and married her off at the tender age of 13, despite her pleas.

The Social Affairs Department in Makkah provided her with temporary housing for 4 months, after which she and the children were on the streets again.

Amal then approached Makkah Emir Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, who ordered a prompt investigation into her case. Director of Human Rights Protection in Makkah , Saleh Al-Sarhan, said that they are working with sources in the Ministry of Social Affairs towards find a solution to Amal’s problem.