Major General Mansour Al-TurkiThe official spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia, Major General Mansour Al-Turki, said that on Friday the Ministry had contacted a number of Saudi women who had expressed their willingness to participate in the 26 October driving for women campaign.

The Ministry asked these women to comply with the rules of the kingdom, and therefore to refrain from taking part in the driving protest, reported Akhbaar24. Al-Turki denied rumors that the women were intimidated and threatened against joining the campaign; instead they were contacted in a friendly manner. The ministry said that it was assured that the women understood the gravity of the Ministry’s statement.

While the October 26 Driving Campaign was mostly symbolic, some local dailies reported that the Ministry’s warnings and tight security on the roads dampen the drive in the kingdom. Yesterday’s driving protest was widely covered in local as well as international newspapers.