saudi hacker


Saudi hacker, Marjouj Hazazi has surrendered to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution in the city of Taif to face a lawsuit that Princess Nora University administration has recently filed against him for breaching  their website two years ago.

The Hacker said in a statement to Arabic daily Sabq that he had hacked only the university forum site and merely changed the forum home page but did not cause any damages. He added that he did not hack the main website of the university nor did he publish any information of students over the internet.

Marjouj Hazazi quit hacking after he volunteered to contract with a government agency to help other companies without pay. He also appeared on a Saudi TV channel  and publicly apologized for his actions. He revealed his real identity as  proof that he stopped hacking, adding  that he had helped a lot of people including Saudi celebrities to solve their internet issues.

He also said that he was willing to provide compensation financially or with internet protection. Although Hazazi claims to have  quit hacking  to become a better citizen and use his abilities to help his country, the Government agency he was working for and the celebrities he had helped abandoned him when they became aware of the lawsuit.