saudi man mistakenly deportedSaudi immigration authorities deported a Saudi citizen in Jeddah to Nigeria earlier last week after he was mistaken for a Nigerian illegal immigrant .

Saudi national Waleed Billo was on his way home when he was rounded up with dozens of illegal immigrants from Jeddah streets. The Saudi who has a speech impediment desperately tried to convince the immigration authorities that he was not an illegal immigrant and that he was a citizen of the kingdom. His efforts were in vain as he was deported to Nigeria a week following the arrest.

Waleed’s brother Mohammed said that the family initially thought that Waleed had gone missing. Someone informed the family that their brother had been deported to Nigeria. Mohammed said he later heard reports that his brother was in hospital after being knocked over by a car in Nigeria.

Mohammed flew to Nigeria and sought the help of the local government and the public to find Waleed. The Saudi was brought back to the kingdom and hospitalized for 10 days. The entire episode has caused his mother to fall ill.

“We now intend to file a lawsuit against those who were responsible for my brother’s deportation and suffering,” Mohammed was quoted telling Arar, a local newspaper.