2It has been reported that one of the victims of the November 9 riot that broke out in Riyadh was not a rioter. The Saudi national who died during the riots was just an unlucky bystander who observed the demonstrations too close to the action.

The teen victim, Abdul Monam had reportedly gone out to see the events with his friends out of curiosity. After a while, the boy and his friends were approached by a gang of rioting Ethiopians who asked them if they were Saudi citizens. While the friends immediately ran away from the scene, one of the rioters caught up with them and stabbed Monam and one of his friends was struck grievously with a cleaver. The friend is in critical condition, reported Sabq news.

Monam’s uncle said that his nephew was simply curious about the events in the neighborhood. He added that his nephew was not a “troubled teenager.”

Riyadh Police have currently relocated thousands of illegal Ethiopian expats from Manfouha, where a large number of illegal expats have taken shelter, to a former Princess Nora University building. These expats will be eventually deported to their home country.

In the meantime, Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) reported that the first group of expats from the kingdom safely reached Addis Ababa on Wednesday afternoon. They commended the Ethiopian embassy’s efforts to get them back to their home country. Some of them said that their stay as illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia was appalling. They added that they have promised to forget the past and try making a living in their country itself.