fake taxi in KSAA video clip of a Saudi traffic cop uncovering a fake taxi went viral on social media after it was uploaded on Monday.

The police officer revealed a car with fake taxi stickers and taxi top lights. He said that the owner of the vehicle would convert it into a taxi using magnetic car stickers and plastic tools, all of which are in clear violation of traffic regulations.

The policeman explained that the traffic authorities came across and arrested many people involved in this scam where vehicle owners deliberately turned their cars into taxis to harass women. The Saudi traffic police has addressed this problem as a grave security concern for those travelling by taxi.

According to Akhbaar24, one group of people supported the decision of the traffic police to arrest these vehicle owners and impound their vehicles. They also recommended tough punishments for the offenders. Another group was of the opinion that the car owners probably disguised their cars to run a genuine taxi service without any malicious intentions. These supporters requested the traffic police to help such good-intentioned citizens make a living without breaking the law.

It is not reported where in Saudi Arabia these fake taxis were confiscated.