adhocAn ad hoc shelter to accommodate Iqama violators was set in Manfouha to facilitate the final exit of those who would opt to surrender, individually or together with his/her family, a police spokesman said here this evening.

Brigadier General Nasser Saeed Al-Gahtani, Information Spokesman of Riyadh Region Police, said ‘pursuant to the work done by the security campaign to chase Iqama and labor regulation violators and in view of what a number of violators who reside in Manfouha neighborhood have dared to do this evening, arrangements have been made to offer them yet another chance to voluntarily surrender, individually or with families’.

Brig. Gen. Al-Gahtani explained that an ad hoc shelter to accommodate them has been set in the vicinity of King Abdulaziz interception with the southern ring road in Manfouha to expedite finalizing their departure procedures in collaboration with the authorities in charge of detaining the violators. In this regard, all procedures will be achieved in record time in coordination with the pertinent concerned authorities, he concluded.