16 women found in isolated area between Riyadh & MakkahOver a dozen Indonesian women workers and a 2-month-old baby who were stranded in an isolated area were rescued by the Saudi police.

A Saudi national who was in the area with his family first noticed the group of women. The women were found about 5 km away from the nearest highway. Abdul Rahman Al Harbi said that he was shocked to see the women.

“When we got near them, my family and I could see that they were scared and worried, especially that it was the end of the day and darkness was about to set in. One of the women was carrying a baby who we discovered was only two months old,” Abdul Rahman was quoted in Al Jazirah. The Saudi informed the police, who then rescued the women.

The domestic workers did not any legal documents, and they said that they were cheated by a smuggler. They were promised to be taken to Makkah from Riyadh. However, they were dropped off in the isolated area.

Human traffickers take advantage of the Hajj season to smuggle in workers by promising them lucrative offers.