Saudi rap video on anti-sponsorship system goes viral

saudirapjpgA Saudi rap video that highlights the sufferings of migrant workers filling menial jobs in the kingdom has become an internet sensation, raking up over 700,000 views on Youtube in less than a week.

The song, by Saudi Arabia’s Internet television network Telfaz11, presents the bullying of migrant workers in a humorous way, showing a group of Pakistan nationals rapping on a building site about their daily humiliations and struggles.

Under the kafala system (sponsorship system), a migrant worker is not allowed to come, work or leave the country without the formal approval of a sponsor.

The rap video which became an instant hit has lyrics like “They forget everything. They forget who builds the infrastructure for them. They forget who builds flyovers and sewers. They forget who collects rubbish, who drives taxis, who does the washing, I am no longer afraid of my sponsor”.

Launched by four Saudis in 2009, Telfez11 broadcasts videos on YouTube that present social situations in a comical manner.


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