Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of ViceThe Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has shelved its plans to hire Saudi women to support their policing activities. According to Emirates 24/7, Hai’a chairman Abdul Lateef Al Shaikh said on Thursday that they will not be hiring women in the Commission.

It was earlier announced that the Commission would employ women after it received permission from King Abdullah. “We want the female element in the Commission because we desperately need women to support our activities as sometimes we face embarrassing situations in public places, markets and female clubs,” said the Commission chairman.

The Commission stressed that women could help the religious police in their inspections and other activities. “I can affirm that we are in need of women within the Commission but I cannot set a date for this,”  Al Shaikh said. The chairman added that he hoped the country’s leaders would approve the employment of women in the Commission.

Al Shaikh said that oppositions arose to the Commission’s plan to employ women as the opponents had a different perspective regarding the issue. “We have made clear that we need women to be posted at hospitals, girls’ schools, women’s societies and markets,” added Al Shaikh. He did not mention who was opposing the plan.