riyadh-governor-diesAccording to a statement by the Royal Court, Governor of Riyadh, Saudi Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz, died on Tuesday at the age of 72.

The Prince was one of the senior members of the House of Saud. He began his studies  in the princes school in Riyadh and then he joined Al Anjaal institute. He had also studied in the US and England.

He then became Deputy Governor of Riyadh from 1979 to 2011 and in Nov. 5, 2011 he was appointed by King Abdullah as the Governor of Riyadh.

He was the chairman of the local committee for gathering donations for Kosovo and Chechnya Muslims at Riyadh region.

The Prince also bore King Abdul-Aziz cordon from the first class which is considered the highest order in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.