driving for women petitionIn a video clipping doing the rounds on social networking sites, Saudi female activist Lujein Al Hadoul is seen appealing to all Saudi women to drive cars on 26 October, in an effort to defy the driving ban and persuade authorities to permit women to drive in the kingdom.

Al Hadoul, who is currently abroad on a government scholarship, has called on all Saudi women to press authorities for their right to drive cars, adding that driving for women is not forbidden by law or religion. She went on to call men who try to stop women from driving as ‘oppressors’, reported Emirates 24/7.

Furthermore, an online petition called “October 26, driving for women”, which was launched just days ago, has gathered momentum and has already received over 5,800 signatures.

Previously in 2011, many Saudi women defied the long withstanding driving ban and drove cars. The campaign drew ire from many conservative male counterparts. The renewed efforts to push for driving rights comes soon after reported emerged that the Saudi religious police were not allowed to arrest women drivers in the kingdom. According to Saudi officials, Kingdom Abdullah has the ultimate authority on the issue.