health insuranceAn insurance specialist in Saudi Arabia revealed that insurance companies are liable to providing insurance coverage for MERS treatment.

Amjad Al-Menif, the insurance specialist that the insurance companies could try to limit the insurance or find loopholes to get out of covering MERS patients and  urged people to pay attention to their insurance contracts. While many diseases are outside insurance coverage, unexpected diseases and illnesses that are not specifically excluded in the contract should always be covered.

In an exclusive statement to Al Riyadh news, Al-Menif pointed out that MERS treatment falls under insurance coverage for policies approved by the Health Insurance Council. He also said that if the World Health Organization classifies MERS as an epidemic, then the state in responsible for covering the treatment cost.

Al-Menif explained that in the case an insurance company does not agree to cover the costs of treatments, then the concerned individual has the right to take the issue to the Council for Dispute Settlement. He said that the cost of treatment for the dreaded disease is not clear and that it varies from person to person. He added that insurance companies are liable to cover costs till the upper limit mentioned in the insurance contract.

Member of the national insurance committee, Khaldoun Barakat said that the daily cost of treatment for MERS started at SR 3,000. He added that the role of the insurance companies was to fully cover the treatment costs like any other unexpected disease, and also to raise awareness about the disease and teach the public about precautionary methods.