As part of his science project to receive his PhD, Engineer Wissam Hassan Al Saban, who was sent by Umm Al-Qura University to the University of Queensland to pursue his education in Smart systems engineering, designed a smart submarine and conducted a successful experiment in the territorial waters of the US, South West of the state of California in cooperation with NASA and California Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Smith, specialist in submarines.

Al Saban said: This type of submarines is equipped with auto control and is used for scientific research. The aim of the experiment is to apply “artificial intelligence systems” on the submarine so as to use water currents to determine the submarine’s path to get to a certain area and collect samples from the ocean water.

The “Smart Submarine” project and details and results of the experiment will be laid out in MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2012 conference in the State of Virginia in October as came in AlRiadh newspaper. Moreover, a second experiment would be conducted in the beginning of the year with new additions to the system.


Source: m3com