Jabal Al Sawdah, situated in the province of Abha, is claimed to be the highest point in Saudi Arabia. The mountaintop is a beautiful tourist attraction frequented by many people from all over the kingdom. Sadly, the tourist activities have affected the delicate environment in Al Sawdah. Discarded plastic bottles and plastic covers are a common sight in this spot.

Riyadh Connect calls on its readers to be mindful of the situation and avoid littering during their trips to the peak. Let us do our bit to preserve the environment and maintain the beauty of the mountaintop attraction.

In the meantime, we hope the authorities will clean up the area soon. Here is a photo of Al Sawdah sent to us by one of our followers in Jeddah.

Al Sawdah(Strewn plastic bottles clearly mar the landscape)

(Image courtesy: Romy Israel)