A 30-year-old Saudi widow is suing her eldest brother for abusing and physically torturing her. The woman claims that her brother handcuffed her and locked her up in a dark room for 4 months in a farm in Asfan, Makkah as he  desired to usurp his sister’s inheritance following the death of her husband.

The widow explained that she was forced to get married at an early age of 17 to a rich married old man who died several years  after marriage leaving her six children and a will worth SR 70 Million.

When her father passed away, she suffered at the hands of her brother who forced her to give him access to their  father’s money, local media reported. When she refused to do so, he betrayed her and stole her money.

The brother resumed the violence when he came to know about the woman’s inheritance from her deceased husband and demanded that she give him authority to access it. Her firm refusal made him beat her up and lock her in the house after accusing her of misconduct.

The woman called responsible authorities for assistance and protection from her abusive brother who also had her put in jail for 3 months on charges of disobedience after taking her ID and ATM cards and sent her children to the streets.

She appealed to the Human Rights Commision who gave her appointments but weren’t of much help, so she was forced to take to the streets.

On his part, the Director of Social Affairs in Makkah, Abdullah Aal Tawi, told the widow to submit a report to the police, including medical reports proving her brother’s physical abuse, so she may be taken in by the Social Protection Home.