pillsThe Metropolitan Police of Makkah is investigating the death of a 29-year-old Saudi woman who died following the rupture of her womb.

The woman was 6 months pregnant and had ingested abortion medication meant to terminate pregnancy at its early stage, reported Sabq news. Police investigations revealed that the woman was involved in an illegal relationship with a man and had become pregnant.

When the unwed woman started showing signs of pregnancy, she made several attempts to abort the fetus. Further investigations showed that the girl consumed abortion pills that killed the fetus died immediately, but the woman’s uterus ruptured and started bleeding severely. The woman died before reaching Noor Specialist Hospital where she was being taken to treat for her bleeding.

Both the woman and the fetus were taken for autopsy. A DNA test of the fetus was ordered to identify its father. Further investigation is under way and the forensic results are pending.