saudi-woman-driverIn order to help her needy family, a Saudi woman said that she had to resort to disguising herself as a man to drive a bus, since women are not allowed to drive in the kingdom.

Saliha, who lives in a remote area in the Asir region of Saudi, said that she volunteered to take up this job to help take care of her parents and four sisters.

Saliha said that her  family’s conditions were difficult. Her father conceived an idea to launch bus services to drive female students in the local area to their schools. The village men agreed to this and were confident that her father would be keen on protecting them. She added that the village also thought that it is a good opportunity for him to make money.saudi-woman-driver

Being a good driver herself, Saliha convinced her ageing father to let her take up the job and started driving, disguised as man. However, some youth noticed henna on her hands on an occasion, giving  away her identity.

The following day, some elders came to check on her father and were happy that  Saliha could drive their daughters to school. She has now reverted to her woman’s clothes  and is earning SR 4,000 a month for her job as school driver.

Source Al Sharq