saudi woman holds party

Friends and relatives were invited to a huge party to celebrate a Saudi woman’s divorce, not her marriage. The woman claims she is happy to be rid of a ‘manipulative’ husband.

The woman who is 27 years of age said she  had married the man who hails from her own tribe without seeing or knowing him, after believing the ‘many lies’ about his good behaviour that were told  her by his sisters.

A school teacher in Western Saudi Arabia, the woman said that he would forever ask about her salary, which led her to postponing the wedding party despite a marriage contract.

She told local newspapers that she had asked for a divorce when she came to know him better but he refused , demanding that she pay SR100,000. They were later able to  settle on a deal  of SR65,000 and he agreed to divorce her.

The relieved woman then decided to celebrate the occasion and hold a huge party.