According to an advertisement published in the local  magazine Sayidaty, a  Saudi woman is offering SR 5 million ($1.33 million) for a man who agrees to marry her under a Misyar contract , accepting all her conditions.

The 33 year old woman was prompted to make this unique advertisement after the failure of her first marriage 3 years ago .

The woman who lives in the western Saudi Red Sea port of Jeddah may be emailed through the Sayidaty magazine.

According to the ad, interested men must give their personal details and leave their contact number. The selected one will have to accept all her conditions, which have not been specified. She adds that what matters is that the husband appreciate marriage life and gives her all her needs.

Misyar is a marriage contract allowed in Saudi Arabia and under Sunni Islam, where couples can live separately but may get together regularly, often for sexual relations.