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author: Laylah

We often hear people say the word “can’t” when talking about Saudi women.
This time I’m very happy to say oh yes they CAN.

Climb Mount Everest that is!

A campaign called “A Woman’s Journey: Destination Mount Everest” headed by Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud, one of the founders of the Zahra Breast Cancer Organization, follows the journey of 10 Saudi women to the base camp of Mt. Everest.
The group of women participating in the cause have all been affected by breast cancer in their lives.
This campaign aims not only to spread breast cancer awareness but to educate Saudi women on the importance of physical activity in the prevention of breast cancer.
From their site:
“Through this attempt, and numerous side events that are happening in conjunction, the campaign will educate the public on the causes and effects of breast cancer and unite the women of Saudi Arabia in a momentous event. Together, the campaign organizers want to demonstrate the strength and determination of Saudi women and prove that through a united front that a difference can be made. The campaign invites women from all backgrounds to walk 15 minutes daily whether at home, at work or at school between 7-21st of May, 2012 in solidarity with the climbers and to demonstrate their commitment to each other and to good health.

The relationship between physical activity and breast cancer has been extensively studied, with over 60 studies published in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Most studies indicate that physically active women have a lower risk of developing breast cancer than inactive women.

A Woman’s Journey: Destination Mount Everest campaign hopes to inspire women to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in order to prevent breast cancer.”
Read Princess Reema’s interview by American Bedu here:

Princess Reema was also one of the organizers of the Guinness World Record breaking formation of the largest human pink ribbon chain in Jeddah. Read about this event on Susie’s blog here:

Way to go Saudi ladies!!!

P.S. No group of Saudi men ever broke a Guinness World record, or climbed the world’s highest mountain for a cause 🙂

More pictures and updates on their Facebook Group: A Woman’s Journey: Destination Mount Everest