saudi waitress

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Five Saudi women join the service team of the family section of a restaurant. They are officially the first women to work as waitresses in Saudi Arabia after a law that allows women to work was passed two years ago.

Two of the women are employed as cashiers, while the other three greet and serve customers during the restaurant’s lunch and dinner services, Al Arabiya reported.

They work exclusively in the family section of a branch of an international restaurant chain that recently opened in a mall in Dhahran. The restaurant also includes a “single” section where these women are not allowed to work.

Mike Mendoz, the restaurant chain manager said that the aim was to increase the number of Saudi workers in their restaurants as part of Saudization and that the restaurant was still offering jobs to Saudi women.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the terms of employment for Saudi women in restaurant kitchens, fast food chains and sweets stores is that at least three women  be employed at a time during a working shift and that they can work only in their designated sections.