GCC_Countries_mapMany Saudi nationals moved to the neighboring GCC countries in search of jobs with better incentives than in Saudi, according to Al Arabiya news. There are altogether 140,000 Saudis working in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

The Saudi embassy in Kuwait revealed that there are more than 133,000 Saudis residing in Kuwait, of which 70% are placed in the military and the Kuwaiti Internal Ministry. In addition, many Saudi women work as teachers in Kuwaiti schools.

The Saudi embassy in Bahrain noted that there are about 5,000 Saudis living in Bahrain. A part of the number is contributed by Saudis who are married to Bahrainis. While many Saudis are employed in Bahrain’s commercial and industrial sectors, university students contribute to a fifth of the Saudi population in Bahrain.

The number of Saudis working in UAE and Oman is not known. Some of the Saudis working in the GCC countries earn are as much as SR 150,000 per month.