saudi woman left univ 27 year old Saudi woman, Salma Al-Bouri,  chose to work in a factory rather than complete her college degree, local newspapers reported.

Her enthusiasm  towards this line of work is a step towards  breaking the male monopoly on the operation of jobs that society considers fit for men only; such as operation of heavy machinery.

Salma assumed the responsibility of operating a fried potatoes  machine in a food factory in the city of Dammam.

She thus became the first female to work in this area, additionally supervising nine other female employees in the factory. She says she enjoys this job that was entrusted  her after one month of training four years back . Her competence in her work made the factory directory decide to take a step towards  feminization of  its management.

Although  the job was a bit difficult for Salma in the beginning,  she received lots of support from the factory management and female colleagues, helping her push her forward to master this profession. Her job responsibilities include the operation and preparation of the machine, maintenance and quality control of the product.