newly introduced busesThe General Department of Private Higher Education in Riyadh announced a new transportation experiment for transporting school children has been introduced in a few schools in Riyadh.

Of the 14 newly introduced buses, 10 are for girls’s schools, 2 for boys’ schools, and 2 for the schools of the special education and disabled.

The Supreme Committee of School Transportation in the Education Department will follow up with the overall experience. Their focus has been on several aspects such as uniforms for bus drivers, numbered seats in the bus, and also a facility to track the buses. Parents are given a login ID so that they can track the bus in which they children travel, besides getting text message updates. Furthermore, the list of stops made by the buses is displayed on the school bulletin boards.

Buses dedicated for children with special needs and disabilities have additional features, such as wheelchair locks and other standard safety measures. Each of these buses also has a conductor to supervise and help students in and out of the buses.

The General Director of Education, Dr Riyadh Ibrahim al-Musnad said that the buses have already been deployed in a number of schools on a trial basis. According to a local Arabic newspaper, if these buses are deemed successful, these buses will be brought on board for all schools.