ambulanceA primary school teacher in Taif collapsed in front of her children earlie this week. According to the teacher’s brother Saeed Al-Khathaamy, the incident happened after she complained of a severe unexplainable headache.

Al-Khathaamy explained that his sister suddenly experienced severe headache while she was home with her kids. A few moments later, she fell unconscious on the floor. Her husband immediately took her to Prince Mansour Military Hospital in Taif. She was then refereed to Al-Huda Hospital where they found a bleeding in her brain following the rupture of an artery. She was then admitted to the hospital’s ICU.

The brother said that the medical team at Al-Huda hospital expressed regret for not being able to perform any emergency surgery as there were no specialist doctors among their staff. The doctors there also stressed that his sister’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. Al- Haras hospital had agreed to accept the case, but apologized at the last minute saying that they did not have any available beds.

Now, Al-Khathaamy has appealed to the public through Sabq news. He is asking for help to get his sister to Al-Haras hospital or any other hospital that can offer her necessary medical assistance to save her life.