A middle-school student in Maine, USA suffered burns when an Apple iPhone 5c which was stashed in her pants pocket caught fire.

The incident occurred Friday morning at Middle School of the Kennebunks, when the unnamed girl was attending class, the Daily Mail reported.

The girl’ mother, Judy Milligan said the 14-year-old was being treated for second-degree burns at Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford.

Jeff Rodman, the principal, said that smoke started billowing from around the student and she knew right away something was wrong. The girl dropped on the floor and rolled on the ground causing the phone to fall out of her pocket. However her pants were still burning.

The principal said that the girls in the class helped the student get her pants off in a corner while getting the boys out of the room. There have been a few reported cases of iPhones catching fire or overheating while they charged. However it is not known what caused the schoolgirl’s phone to catch fire.