lab experimentScientists in America and China have found MERS virus antibodies that look promising in the treatment of MERS. Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment for the deadly respiratory disease.

Gulf News reported that scientists have found antibodies that prevent the MERS corona virus from attaching to receptors that aid these viruses in infecting human cells.

According to one study led by Chinese scientists, two antibodies – Mers-4 and Mers-27 – prevented MERS virus from infecting cells in a lab dish. In their report, they mentioned that the antibodies when used in combination could help in the quest for an intervention against MERS.

The second study led by a group of scientists in the United States found seven neutralising antibodies that indicated that either a vaccine or treatments could be developed to fight the disease.

The Saudi Ministry said the total number of confirmed MERS cases crossed 300 of which 102 were fatal since the disease was first observed in 2012.