fight-saudis-syrians1A mass dispute occurred at  noon on Friday in Hamza Street in the Naseem Area of Riyadh City between some Saudis and Syrians. The incident  resulted in many injuries before security personnel were able to stop the conflict and arrest the people involved.

According to local daily Sabq, witnesses say that the dispute started over a simple disagreement between a Saudi man, accompanied by his son and a Syrian man in a local restaurant.  It escalated till it reached serious hitting and violence outside the restaurant making other Syrians interfere. The Saudi man then  called for help from the people around, causing many Saudis to interfere, resulting in a mass dispute between Saudis and Syrians.



Security personnel had no other choice but to fire in the air to bring the situation under control. The fight resulted in a number of injuries till authorities placed a security barrier to prevent further discord.

Edited by Rawan Elkordy